Dec 032013

A deep, winter cold front is sweeping over the NW USA from Canada and the NW Pacific, bringing a blast of Arctic air with widespread snowfalls.  The WeatherTheatre SceneOne, 2-12-2013-12z Analysis, dramatically illustrates the front responsible for the icy weather.  The front is marked by a deep folded tropopause, extending through most of the depth of the troposphere and dominating the centre field of view.  A steeply sloping, high theta surface intersects the fold, indicating the depth and extent of the frigid Arctic air following the front.

WeatherTheatre SceneOne 2-12-2013-12z East-Northeasterly View

WeatherTheatre SceneOne 2-12-2013-12z East-Northeasterly View. A deep tropopause fold (upper surface) intersects with the 300K Theta (lower surface), associated with a strong blast of Arctic air sweeping over the NW USA. Red shadings correlate with the strongest winds (upper surface) and warmest temperatures (lower surface). Conversely, blue shadings correlate with the weakest winds (upper surface) and coldest temperatures (lower surface).

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